about us..

We have a great time when we meet, as we all really enjoy being together. We’re an informal group of people and we love the great atmosphere there is at Church.  Everyone is delighted to see each other and new people receive a great welcome.

As you can see from our name, we’re a Baptist Church.  The most important word of the two is ‘Church’ as it defines what we are in the Bible.  The word ‘Baptist’ expresses who we are as part of the worldwide church.  We got the name ‘Baptist’ because we practice ‘baptism’ by fully immersing people in water, just like John the Baptist did and how Jesus was baptised.

Along with over 2,000 churches in the UK we are part of the Baptist Union of Great Britain (www.baptist.org.uk) which is broken down into regions and we are part of the North West Baptist Association (www.nwba.org.uk). We’re also members of the national Evangelical Alliance.(www.eauk.org).


we believe..

Briefly, it goes like this;

1. Jesus Christ is the actual Son of God, who actually came to earth, who actually died on a cross, who actually rose from the dead, and who is actually alive right now.

2. God says that everyone is a sinner and by right that sin should separate us from God for ever.  BUT, Jesus died so that our sins can be forgiven.  He rose to life again so that we can have new life. That new life begins when we agree with God that we are sinners and that Jesus and Jesus alone can save us from that sin. In other words, we accept God’s solution, Jesus Christ.

3. The Bible is 100% from God and it’s what God wants us to know and follow today.

4. God sent the Holy Spirit to be ‘God in us’, to give us the power to live for God.

5. Heaven & hell are a reality. Jesus Christ will return for His followers to take them to be with Him for ever in heaven.  This is God’s salvation for you only through Jesus Christ. Those who reject Christ will spend eternity separated from God, which the Bible calls hell.

Well, there it is. And it’s all in the Bible as well !

our leadership..

We operate as a team leadership.